Our Story

Every now and then a seasoned musician, singer or producer decides to dedicate himself to a new project. No matter how much respect he has earned already, no matter how stunning the skills, getting the word out is never easy.

Jubba White is a household name in the reggae industry. He has worked together with legends like Max Romeo, U-Roy, Burning Spear, and The Mighty Diamonds, and with younger luminaries like Junior Kelly, Richie Spice, Lutan Fyah, Bushman and many others.

Together with bassist Stone, the dynamic drum and bass duo Jubba & Stone is often compared to Sly & Robbie. Jubba & Stone are the founders of Dubtonic Kru and thus at the very forefront of the current reggae renaissance movement in Jamaica they helped to spark.

While Jubba White is proud to be a part of Dubtonic Kru, the band that won the Global Battle of the Bands in Malaysia in 2011, this Edna Manley College of the Performing arts alumni wants more artists to profit from his tremendous musical creativity. He thus founded his production company White Stone Productions in 2011. Three years later, White feels the time is right to step up his activities.

Carefully handcrafted reggae music with an international appeal and strictly conscious, uplifting messages is his business. White Stone Productions’ first single releases clearly prove that Jubba White is on the right track indeed.

The company has existed under the radar for quite some time. Jubba White was most notably responsible for the Tantrum Riddim released in 2007 that featured Bushman, the Canadian singer Dylan Murray (who has toured with Nelly Furtado), Al Fray, Brahyan Art & Brando, and Dubtonic Kru. White Stone Productions is an arm of Di Kru Productions, Dubtonic Kru’s production company.


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